Producer spotlight: introducing Primrose Herd

Producer spotlight: introducing Primrose Herd

Nestled in Cornwall, Primrose Herd, a family-owned farm, is your go-to for premium pork. Led by Sally and Bill Lugg and their three children, this family legacy embodies hands-on commitment to quality, from piglet nurturing to bacon curing.

Situated in a World Heritage Site between Cornwall's coasts, Primrose Herd benefits from a unique setting surrounded by historic mine ruins. Their traditional, non-intensive approach to animal husbandry ensures superior marbling and a perfect meat-to-fat ratio.

In-house production from pig rearing to bacon curing guarantees meticulous quality control. This hands-on approach delivers products that exceed expectations with a developed flavour profile, complemented by superior marbling. Try their juicy pork shoulder joints and meaty pork sausages and you'll see!

Amongst their many delicious pork products - you will also find incredible beef in the form of tomahawk steaks, incredible bronze turkey perfect for christmas and free range duck and chicken from Creedy Carver - famed for their incredible quality and welfare standards.

Why we love Primrose Herd!

Range - The incredible range of products on offer from Primrose Herd offers something for everyone, and every occasion - from Christmas dinner to an indulgent weekend breakfast.

Quality - all of Primrose products are high quality and butchered on site, with precision and care. This shines through in the quality of their products.

You can browse the full Primrose Herd range on our site - their whole fillet of beef makes for the perfect beef wellington.

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