Producer spotlight: introducing Stroud Brewery

Producer spotlight: introducing Stroud Brewery

We're excited to announce our latest partnership with Stroud Brewery! Based in (you guessed it) Stroud in Gloucestershire, the brewery has been up and running since 2006, and has become a popular hang out for locals.

Stroud Brewery has one mission; to “Make outstanding organic beer without damaging the planet and bring people together to inspire positive change. We believe the only way to be truly sustainable is to invest in responsible organic farming”.

The team at Stroud Brewery put sustainability at the forefront of everything they do, only using organic ingredients - in fact, they generate 25% of their energy through solar (and the other 75% through a renewable energy company), all of the labels on their cans are biofilm made from wood pulp. They even use the 250,000 litres of rainwater collected annually on their roof to flush their toilets!

Asides from their unwavering commitment to sustainability, they also make truly fantastic beers (award winning in fact!), from their delicious IPAs, stouts and lagers, to their gluten free pale ales.

Why we love Stroud Brewery

  • Sustainability - Their unwavering commitment to sustainability in everything they do is pioneering in the brewing industry - they are one of very few breweries to make the switch to wood pulp labels.
  • Taste - Their drinks all taste delicious from their rich Stout to their light and clean tasting Larger - perfect as we head into the Christmas season.
  • Tours - we love their Brewery Tours, a great way to learn more about a special and unique business and of course to taste their lovely products. It’s no surprise Stroud Brewery has become one of Stroud’s cherished local landmarks

Keep your eyes peeled for their range of Lagers and Ales when we launch in November - maybe you can even order a cask or two in time for your Christmas celebrations! We’ll also be offering their renowned brewery tours, where you can learn all about their processes and try some of their fantastic beers - a perfect Christmas gift!

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