Exmoor Caviar - Imperial Beluga - 10g - 1kg

Exmoor Caviar - Imperial Beluga - 10g - 1kg

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An incredibly popular choice in five star restaurants and private members clubs across London, this Imperial Beluga Caviar from Exmoor Caviar is a truly stunning product that simply must be experienced.

Well-regarded as the king of caviars, Beluga boasts large, rich grains that are unmatched in flavour and texture. The sturgeon are raised to 18 years and a minimum of 120kg before harvesting, with the time, effort and care really coming through in the end result. This stunning caviar should be enjoyed on its own with ice cold vodka, or your favourite glass of chilled English sparkling wine.

Exmoor Caviar is the only company granted permission to farm sturgeon within the UK in the last 700 years.



Established in 2010 by Ken Benning, Exmoor Caviar has set the standard for luxury in the British artisan food scene; their founder became the first (and only) person in over 700 years to be granted permission to farm sturgeon in the UK - a Royal Fish since the 14th Century.

Exmoor Caviar has grown rapidly since permission to fish was granted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2013 and Prince Philip purchased the first ever tin, with over 30,000 Siberian Sturgeon now swimming in their tanks in Devon, drawing their water directly from the River Mole. The process to produce this black gold is painstaking - the fish are killed humanely, before the roe is extracted by hand. It's then preserved in Cornish sea salt and packed into tins, becoming one of the most highly prized caviars in the world in the process.

-Sturgeon: Huso Huso- Beluga/Giant Sturgeon
- Country of Origin: Iran/China
- Egg Size: 3.4mm+
- Colour: Llight Pearlescent Grey

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