The Farmfetch story

Farmfetch is a one-stop-shop for food lovers to find the very best organic and ethically grown produce from across the UK, directly from artisan makers, butchers, delis, and farm shops. We’ve curated a selection of products from unique British food producers, aiming to help foodies discover delicious new ingredients – while also offering a new way to shop locally and support sustainable, zero air-mile, UK farming. 

So where did this idea come from?

First of all – we really love food. Nothing beats heading down to your local market and finding beautiful produce that you know will make a fantastic meal. But it’s not always possible to find exactly what you want, or to access specialities from across the country – like smoked ham directly from Wiltshire, or sea salt from the isles of Scotland. It’s also hard to know exactly where the produce comes from.

Second of all, the food industry in the UK is really struggling. Specialist British food producers face a range of cost pressures – including inflation and supply chain increases, competition from imports, and aggressive cuts into their margin from the big supermarkets. 

Selling DTC (direct-to-consumer) online offers food producers a higher-margin way to generate revenue, but setting up an online store – with all the complexity of branding, building, marketing and managing – is too onerous and distracting from their core business to consider.

That’s where Farmfetch comes in

Our mission is to connect consumers who really care where their food comes from directly with these producers – ensuring fair prices for fantastic ingredients, and a better deal for British food producers.

Meet the founders

Dan Taylor

Dan is Farmfetch’s CEO, and makes a legendary scotch egg. An enthusiastic foodie, he loves cooking with incredible cuts of meat – anything to make the most of his Big Green Egg.

Lauren Johnson-Ginn

Lauren looks after the Marketing at Farmfetch as CMO and is a dedicated omnivore and chocoholic. She's currently growing basil on her front doorstep and attempting to master the perfect chimichurri.