Producer spotlight: Introducing The Yorkshire Pasta Company

Producer spotlight: Introducing The Yorkshire Pasta Company

Meet The Yorkshire Pasta Company, where pasta is more than just a meal, it is a journey back to the rustic kitchens of Italy.

The team at The Yorkshire Pasta Company are all about authenticity. The founder, Kathryn, travelled Italy, learning the art of pasta making from the seasoned hands of Italian artisans.

They don’t rush things - their pasta takes 2 days to make, not 2 hours. Slow drying overnight at low temperatures, their dough matures slowly, essential for enhancing the flavour of the grain and the pasta’s ability to absorb sauces.

The Yorkshire Pasta source their flour from a local mill in Yorkshire, working directly with the miller to ensure the highest quality grain with the desired attributes to make their pasta - they even check every batch of flour themselves to ensure quality and consistency.

The team are committed to limiting their impact on the environment in any way they can, one of which is ensuring their packaging is 100% recyclable, and that includes using metal fastenings to avoid plastic. Oh, and their products are totally vegan!

We love their Tortiglioni, the perfect accompaniment to a rich beef ragù, or for the vegans and vegetarians amongst us, their Penne makes a delicious base for a delicious mushroom pasta. Try it with this creamy, Mushroom Truffle sauce from Nettle Foods for the perfect vegan pasta.

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