Producer spotlight: introducing Pastificio Carleschi

Producer spotlight: introducing Pastificio Carleschi

We’re delighted to announce artisan pasta maker extraordinaires Pastificio Carleschi (Past-if-each-yo Car-less-key) as the latest producer to join the Farmfetch family. Blending Italian tradition with fantastic British ingredients, Pastificio Carleschi offers artisanal, nutrient-rich pasta in eco-conscious packaging.

Giovanni launched the brand in 2019 after 6 painstaking years of research and development, with the aim of capitalising on the amazing grains and flour quality available in the UK. As the UK’s very first artisan organic dry pasta producer, Giovanni boasts 9 different types of pasta, with plenty more currently in development!

Why we love Pastificio Carleschi

  • Quality - using only stoneground flour and Emmer, Einkorn and Spelt ancient grains sourced from British regenerative farms, Pastificio Carleschi have pulled out all the stops to develop the highest-possible quality end product
  • Process - Giovanni transforms his British ingredients into pasta magic by using traditional Italian techniques - small-batch fresh pasta is dried naturally for up to 40 hours in wooden trays, ensuring the best taste and maintaining nutritional value
  • Sustainability - the environment is at the heart of every decision at Pastificio Carleschi, from their choice of organic ancient grains and 100% plastic free packaging, all the way to their factory run from entirely green energy

It’s fantastic to discover a producer that shares our values around support for regenerative farming, artisan processes, British ingredients and sustainability, and we hope you’ll love Pastificio Carleschi as much as we do!

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