Producer spotlight: introducing Hollis Mead

Producer spotlight: introducing Hollis Mead

We're excited to introduce our latest producer, Hollis Mead Organic Dairy —a farm that stands as a shining example of sustainable agriculture. In 1998, Oliver and Charlie Hemsley started with a modest 90-acre farm called Urless, which has since grown into the expansive Hollis Mead estate. Today, we celebrate their commitment to organic and pasture-fed farming, transforming the landscape of responsible agriculture.

Hollis Mead is certified both Organic Farmers and Growers & Pasture For Life, highlighting their dedication to sustainable practices. The farm's unique approach involves 100% pasture-fed livestock, with no grains, soya, or industrial feeds in the cows' diets. This ensures not only the well-being of the animals but also delivers high-quality products to consumers.

Oh, and they make excellent dairy products, from their River Cottage Kefir drinks in partnership with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, to their decadent Truffled Benville Cheese that you will find in our Cheese Board Bundle.


Why we love Hollis Mead!

  • Organic - Hollis Mead prides itself on its organic procedures which shines through in the quality of their products, from their kefir to their cheese.
  • Mission - Hollis Mead’s mission is to farm in a way that enhances nature, produces delicious, healthy, accessible products and demonstrates that it is possible to build a profitable UK natural dairy business whilst at the same time protecting and enhancing biodiversity.
  • Taste - Their truffled Benville is truly special and will be the centrepiece of your next cheese board.

Check out their fantastic range of products here.


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