Producer spotlight: Introducing Curing Rebels

Producer spotlight: Introducing Curing Rebels

Curing Rebels have been wowing foodies with their inspired charcuterie and smoked salmon since 2020. Traditional processes meet modern influence at their Brighton HQ, where every step from butchering to ageing takes place.

Sourcing excellence is paramount for Curing Rebels. Specially reared pigs by farmer Richard, just 12 miles from HQ, contribute to top-quality charcuterie with rich, flavourful fat. The partnership with Richard goes beyond transaction—it's a commitment to both quality and animal welfare.

Their salmon, sourced from Scotland's oldest independent farm, is hand-reared, free from additives, and thrives in a spacious environment. This ethical sourcing reflects in every bite, showcasing a dedication to quality.

Ready to join the rebellion against the ordinary? Curing Rebels invites you on a culinary journey where each slice tells a story of passion, craftsmanship, and a commitment to quality that transcends expectations. You will find an array of products from their spicy Nduja, perfect for your next pizza night to their unique Coppa -  cured with ginger, seaweed, wild mushroom and a glug of Sake to create a truly epic addition to you charcuterie board.

Why we love Curing Rebels

Unique flavours - The unique and complex flavours used in their products create for the most perfect, and slightly unique charcuterie that will be sure to get your guests talking.

Local - using specially reared, high welfare pigs from only 12 miles away contribute to the quality of their products.

Head over to the collection to check out the amazing products on offer with Curing Rebels. Spend £50 to qualify for free shipping!

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