Welsh Smokery BBQ Rub Gift Set

Welsh Smokery BBQ Rub Gift Set

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The perfect gift (or treat!) for BBQ lovers, courtesy of the Welsh Smokery. You'll receive the full range of their home-smoked BBQ rubs, including:

  • Earth / Tir - a combination of Welsh Shiitake mushrooms, fermented black garlic and smoked salt that's perfect for large roasting joints, or sprinkled over roast potatoes
  • Sea / Môr - an ocean-inspired blend of lemon, garlic, herbs and Welsh Laver Seaweed (a speciality ingredient from the Pembrokeshire coastline) that's perfect for prawn and fish dishes
  • Wood / Pren - an absolute classic BBQ rub, made with smoked salt, smoked sugar and classic BBQ herbs, perfect for anything you'll throw on the smoker
  • Fire / Tân - a hot and fiery rub made with smoked chillies and smoked salt to add a punch of heat to your dishes - also amazing blended with mayo for a hot and spicy dip

The Welsh Smokery (or Welshhomestead Smokery to give it its full name) is an award-winning smokehouse set on the edges of the Welsh Cambrian Mountains.

Using what they call the ancient magic of cold smoking combined with the latest technology, Claire and her team at the smokery create unusual flavour combinations infused with the simple taste and smell of woodsmoke. Within the range you'll find their award-winning Smoked Lamb Bacon, Smoked Chilli Jams and Smoked Bacon and Chorizo Jams, as well as unusual flavours like their Chocolate Espresso Smoked Bacon. As well as creating fantastic products, the Welsh Smokery is dedicated to sustainable food production, using ethically sourced ingredients.

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