PiQi Original Kefir Case

PiQi Original Kefir Case

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PiQi's Original Sparkling Kefir is their purest expression of water-based kefir, and is certified vegan friendly by the Vegan Society. 

Brewed with organic figs to delivery a honey-like aroma and crisp, fruity flavour, it's packed with up to 30 billion live cultures - an amazing hit of goodness for your gut! This kefir is raw, unpasteurised, and made by hand with organic ingredients in Devon. 

Choose from 8 x 250ml or 2 x 750ml bottles of raw, unpasteurised kefir.

From their HQ in Devon, PiQi are on a mission to help people feel their best inside and out with their range of award-winning, water-based kefir drinks.

Every bottle of kefir is handcrafted in Devon using organic ingredients and sustainable production methods, with the water-based fermentation process making them ideal for those following a plant-based diet.

Water kefir is a living fermented beverage made from water, kefir culture (mixture of bacteria and yeast known as "water kefir grains"), and organic sugar. The fermentation process gives water kefir its distinctive light tangy taste and probiotic qualities. Teeming with vegan lactic acid bacteria, it is a great natural way to add probiotics to your diet and support a healthy gut and overall well-being.

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