Pastore Sour Beer Showcase

Pastore Sour Beer Showcase

Pastore Sour Beer Showcase

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Pastore Brewing & Blending are renowned for their fun and modern take on mixed-fermentation brewing, using fresh fruit as part of their sour beer creating process. 

This fantastic and ever-changing showcase is a great way to introduce yourself or any beer connoisseur into the tastebud-tingling world of sour beers, created using only the best wild and foraged ingredients and a small batch process. Each box will contain a minimum of 5 x 440ml cans and 2 x 375ml bottles, covering Pastore's latest releases. 

Past boxes have included their Blood Peach Waterbeach Weisse, Pair, Orange & Hazelnut Crumble, and the zesty Cosmic Snowball.

With a dream of bringing sour beer to the masses, father and son team Chris & Ben founded Pastore (Pas-tor-ray) Brewing & Blending in Cambridge in 2019.

The two passionate home brewers now create a fantastic range acidic, dry and refreshing sour beers and blended wild ales, which are often co-fermented with foraged fruit. Each of their beers uses mixed fermentation, with the use of varying fruits and cultures to bring out an impressive range of flavour profiles.

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