Craft Cider Gift Case - Dry

Craft Cider Gift Case - Dry

Craft Cider Gift Case - Dry

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Some of the most popular and proper (and we mean proper) dry sparkling ciders from Bristol Cider Shop's extensive collection. Each and every bottle is made by award-winning producers on their farms with 100% freshly-pressed apple juice, with 6 bottles covering producers in Somerset, Herefordshire and Devon. Available as a box of 6 or 12.

Bristol Cider Shop has been showcasing the very best in local, independent cider since 2010. Their mission is to introduce people to "proper" cider – meaning cider that only has one ingredient; fresh pressed apple juice. Having been twice-named the UK’s Independent Cider Retailer of the Year, Bristol Cider Shop is the best place to find traditionally made, naturally fermented cider with a guarantee of quality.

- All lightly sparkling, with a range of ABVs from 4.5% - 6.7%
- Specific ciders may vary from images shown
- 100% fresh-pressed juice
- Naturally vegan and gluten-free
- Serve cider at room temperature for more flavour, or chilled for an extra refreshing hit

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