Producer spotlight: Isle of Bute Distillery

Producer spotlight: Isle of Bute Distillery

We’re excited to share that Isle of Bute Distillery is the latest brilliant addition to the Farmfetch community. Founded by Rhona Madigan-Wheatley in 2018, Bute Distillery’s spirits are inspired by the wonderful scenery and wild places that can be found the length and breadth of the Isle of Bute.

Every bottle of Isle of Bute Gin is made in Rothesay, Scotland, using a traditional 200-litre Portuguese copper still – amusingly named ‘Audrey’!

The botanicals used in each batch of gin are macerated in the still with grain spirit and water from Loch Ascog, located less than a mile from the distillery. The still is gas fired, which gives greater depth of flavour and added complexity when distilling. From start to finish the process of distilling takes almost exactly eight hours. The spirit is then allowed to rest before it’s packaged into the brand’s signature bottles; a process completed entirely by hand by the distillery’s dedicated team.

The Bute team creates each gin around a signature botanical harvested from the island and its surrounding waters, blended with classic herbs and spices. You can expect to see interesting botanicals – including juniper, angelica and coriander – but Bute’s flagship Oyster Gin is a real standout. 

The first of its kind in the world, Bute’s Oyster Gin is made using Loch Fyne oyster shells, which are treated like any other botanical: soaked in the spirit and then distilled to create delicate, seaside aromas and savoury flavours. It’s absolutely perfect as the base for a martini or paired with seafood. 

Explore our Isle of Bute Distillery range to get inspired for your next cocktail evening!

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