Producer spotlight: Introducing Tors Vodka

Producer spotlight: Introducing Tors Vodka

We're excited to announce our latest partnership with Tors Vodka, a passion project founded by two childhood friends, Edward and Jonathan, in the picturesque heart of Devon. Their shared love for Vodka laid the foundation for Tors Vodka.

Tors is no ordinary Vodka. It took nearly 3 years to perfect and is a labour of love that only uses soft British winter wheat blended with pure Dartmoor spring water, which is then charcoal filtered for 3 months to create a smooth Vodka that can be enjoyed neat over ice.

For the mixologists out there, they’ve also created a fantastic range of flavoured vodka liqueurs, from Elderflower and Blueberry, to Caramel and Coffee, perfect for a sweet Espresso Martini.

Trust us, their spirits are amazing - but If you don’t want to take our word for it, take a look at some of the awards they have won, including winning gold at the prestigious “Taste of the West Award” for three consecutive years.

Why we love Tors Vodka

  • Smooth – Tors Vodka's smoothness is incredible, ensuring a delightful drinking experience whether neat, or with a mixer.
  • Excellence – Tors Vodka consistently achieves 'GOLD' awards, showcasing its unwavering commitment to delivering top quality spirits.
  • Flavours – Tors Vodka's diverse product range, including caramel and coffee liqueur, offers options for all types of spirit enthusiasts.

Keep your eyes peeled for their products when we launch later this month, and raise a glass to savour the taste of Devon. Cheers to Tors Vodka!

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