Producer spotlight: introducing The Cornish Larder

Producer spotlight: introducing The Cornish Larder

We’re super excited to announce The Cornish Larder as the latest addition to our rapidly growing network of artisan British producers. Launched by chef Jake and creative whiz Abi, The Cornish Larder is a celebration of the best ingredients from across the county, offering chutneys, sauces and preserves made with Cornish produce.

As well as listing their ever-expanding core range, we’re also delighted to be offering Cornish Larder’s newest Smoke Squad range of hot sauces, ranging from mild jalapeño and lime to crazy hot scotch bonnet.

With 10 Taste of the West awards under their belt and having had the honour of serving delegates at the G7 in 2020, we can’t wait to see how The Cornish Larder continues to grow in partnership with Farmfetch.

Why we love The Cornish Larder

  • Local - The Cornish Larder team are passionate about Cornish produce, sourcing their ingredients and finding flavour inspiration from around the county - whether that’s sauces made with Cornish moonshine, or chutney from locally grown Cornish chillies
  • Family-run - we love finding the best local suppliers of quality produce, and championing small businesses - and as a family-run enterprise with a team of 4, The Cornish Larder fit the mould perfectly.
  • Flavour - with Taste of the West awards for every single one of their products, and a legion of loyal fans at farmers markets and local delis around the country, there’s no denying the quality and flavour of Cornish Larder products!

We’ll be stocking the full range of Cornish Larder chutneys, preserves, regular sauces and hot sauces when we launch later this year!

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