Producer spotlight: introducing Pattingham Vineyard

Producer spotlight: introducing Pattingham Vineyard

Lovers of English wine rejoice - we’re delighted to welcome Pattingham Vineyard as our latest producer partner, hailing from the beautiful South Staffordshire village of the same name!  

Nestled on the south facing slopes of the Staffordshire countryside, owners Martin, Jane & Stevie Wilcox have been cultivating grapes in perfect growing conditions since 2018. With readily available natural spring water, well-draining soil and a completely chemical free environment, Pattingham Vineyard have created a fantastic selection of local white, red and rosé wines, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring them to you. 

Their Pinot Noir is a perfect all rounder with a fruity raspberry finish, while their award-winning Solaris white is the perfect crisp, citrusy addition to fish dish. There’s plenty for rosé lovers too, with their Moor Meadow Solaris and Pinot Noir blend proving to be a standout example of English blush.

Why we love Pattingham Vineyard

  • Local - we’re huge fans on English wines, and Pattingham Vineyard is a fantastic example of artisan production outside of the usual southern hotspots. With 4 vineyards and a growing fanbase, we’re excited to see what comes next!
  • Sustainability - Stevie and the team were lucky enough to acquire a plot of land that had never been treated by chemicals, and a low-impact, low-intervention approach to wine production has been at the heart of their brand ever since
  • Tours - the team at Pattingham are more than happy to share their knowledge and passion directly with their customers, offering the chance to wander the vineyards, learn about the production process, and even sample a glass or two of their amazing wines

We’re excited to offer Pattingham’s tours and full range of artisan wines when we launch in November - including their newly released English sparkling!

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