Producer spotlight: introducing Nettle Foods

Producer spotlight: introducing Nettle Foods

We're thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Nettle Foods, founded in 2019 by Nina-Rose Hubbard and Sam Jackson. Originally focused on plant-based options for London’s top chefs, Nettle has evolved into a comprehensive producer of organic, clean-label products crafted in Oxfordshire.

At the core of Nettle's culinary philosophy is fermentation, creating bold flavours naturally preserved without artificial additives. Going beyond organic standards, they use natural lemon juice rinses, reducing the ingestion of harmful chemicals.

Nettle Foods is committed to environmental sustainability, collaborating with regenerative farming suppliers and using eco-friendly packaging—glass jars, biodegradable labels, and 100% recycled materials. Beyond food, Nettle supports communities by partnering with the New Future’s Network, providing jobs for individuals leaving prison. Real living wages, mental health support, and unique benefits aim to reduce recidivism rates.

Asides from all of their social and environmental initiatives, they make really good plant based products, from their Mushroom Truffle pâté-style spread - perfect for a truffle pasta - to their Sumac Chilli Mint, perfect with warm, crusty pitta bread.

Why we love Nettle Foods

  • Sustainability: Nettle Foods shares our commitment to sustainability, from regenerative farming to eco-friendly packaging
  • Community Focus: We love Nettle Foods for providing jobs and support to those leaving prison, contributing positively to communities
  • Innovative Flavours: Nettle's emphasis on natural, preservative-free flavours through fermentation aligns with our dedication to quality at Farmfetch.

The perfect way to wow your vegan/ vegetarian guests or to treat yourself to a luxurious mid week Truffle Pasta - pair with a large glass of red from Pattingham Vineyard.

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