Producer spotlight: introducing Isle of Mull Cheese

Producer spotlight: introducing Isle of Mull Cheese

We’re incredibly excited to announce our latest producer partnership, with the one and only Isle of Mull Cheese & Spirits. Sgriob-ruadh is a small dairy farm on the wild and beautiful west coast of Scotland, producing delicious cheese and spirits. 

Isle of Mull’s award-winning farmhouse cheese is made from raw milk and then matured for at least a year in their cellars. The result is an incredibly mature, slightly dry cheese that boasts richly savoury and boozy flavours. In true Isle of Mull spirit, to ensure no waste, they’ve also created a series of spirits using the whey byproduct from making their cheese, all of which are a must-try: 

  • Sgriob-ruadh spirit: Their purest spirit in its purest form, no added botanicals but a beautiful crisp taste. Distilled to 40% ABV.
  • Coo J’N: Their version of a gin, full of botanicals (juniper, lemon peel, green spice, cassia and meadowsweet). Serve like a gin with plenty of ice and your favourite choice of tonic. 
  • Cheesemakers strength: Pure Isle of Mull spirit, much like a vodka but 60% ABV – drink this one carefully.

Why we love Isle of Mull Cheese & Spirits

  • Taste – The land their cows graze and the water they drink gives a very special and unique taste to Isle of Mull’s cheese and spirits. We love their Farmhouse variety: it’s strong, rich and slightly drier in texture than your usual farmhouse cheddar, and their Hebridean blue cheese is strong, creamy and decadent. 
  • Sustainability – Sgriob-ruadh farm generates all of its energy from wind and water from the local forests. They don’t waste a thing, not even the whey from their cheese making.
  • Provenance – Every wheel of cheese and every bottle is made with love and care. Their products pay homage to their beautiful surroundings – using the rich land on which the farm lies to generate something truly unique and incredibly delicious. 

If you’re ever in the Isle of Mull, we suggest you visit Brendan and his team, try their cheese and spirits in the Glass Barn Café and take a tour around the farm – you won’t regret it! This cheese is a true show stopper, guaranteed to be the talk of your next dinner party, so keep an eye out for the Isle of Mull when we go live later this year.

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