Producer Spotlight: introducing Hebridean Charcuterie

Producer Spotlight: introducing Hebridean Charcuterie

We're excited to welcome Hebridean Charcuterie to the Farmfetch family - started by Brian and Melinda Whitington after a romantic trip to Paris filled with saucisson and various cured, fermented and artisanal products prompted the question, “what if we could make these products ourselves in the Outer Hebrides?”.

We’re glad they asked themselves that question because now we get to try their delicious charcuterie, such as their mutton and pork spiced salami or their garlic and black pepper salami.

All of the meat used for their products is from animals reared or roaming wild in the Outer Hebrides, and the pair are passionate about limiting their impact on the environment. As they create these products, they go to extreme lengths to ensure they reduce both their use of plastics in the production process, and their energy consumption where possible.

Crofting, the smallholding farming system that has been the lynchpin of agricultural life in the Outer Hebrides, has survived for over two centuries. Hebridean Charcuterie rely on crofters’ rare-breed pigs, sheep and cows, as well as deer and  geese that roam freely around the breathtakingly beautiful and remote islands.

Why we love Hebridean Charcuterie

  • Ingredients - their interesting spice combinations make for delicious and unique charcuterie, such as their Baharat spiced salami that blends flavours from the east and the west.
  • Provenance - the use of native pigs, sheep, cows, as well as wild geese roaming the remote outer Hebrides shines through in the quality of their salamis.
  • Supporting local farmers - Hebridean Charcuterie's use of rare breed pigs and cattle supports the local farming / crofting eco-system.

Keep a look out for their beautiful salami to spice up your next charcuterie board!

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