Producer spotlight: introducing Hawkridge

Producer spotlight: introducing Hawkridge

We are thrilled to introduce our latest recruit, Hawkridge Distillers. Situated amidst the enchanting and picturesque North Wessex Downs, Phil Howarth is the artisan behind the creation of unique and exquisite gins, vodkas, and rums.

With several years of distillation expertise, Phil and his dedicated team channel their know-how into producing tailor-made and delectable craft spirits. One standout favourite for us is The Guards London Dry Gin, known for its exceptional smoothness and refreshing taste. What makes it even more special is that the proceeds support regimental charities, aiding veterans in need throughout the UK.

Every spirit crafted by Hawkridge draws its inspiration from the essence of the British countryside. This is beautifully reflected in the design of each bottle and the carefully selected botanicals used in their creation. The Hawkridge team hopes that you savour the flavour as much as they cherish the meticulous process of curating each bottle - a true labour of love.

Why we love Hawkridge

  • Passion - Phil and his team are incredibly passionate - they want to ensure the botanicals are perfectly balanced. They want to ensure their spirits are unique and they want to ensure the bottle designs are perfect. Every detail is meticulously thought through.
  • Taste - Each bottle has a unique taste from their smooth and citrusy gin to their 5 year oak aged rum, which has notes of orange and vanilla.
  • Giving back - through their charitable donations, the Hawkridge team are giving back to society whilst creating beautiful spirits for us all to enjoy.

Keep a lookout for Hawkridge’s fantastic spirits whether you are a gin person, a rum lover or Vodka is your favourite tipple, they will all be available when we launch in November!

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