Producer spotlight: introducing Hampton Gay Farm

Producer spotlight: introducing Hampton Gay Farm

We’re over the moooo-n to announce our partnership with Hampton Gay Farm, a family-run business that’s leading the way in regenerative, organic farming in the Oxfordshire countryside.

Driven by a passion for sustainability, conservation and animal welfare, Tim, Juliet, Luke & Abby started farming in Hampton Gay back in 2016, and have since reared herds of cattle, sheep and pigs that are pasture fed and reared in a completely organic environment - that means no pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertiliser. 

Hampton Gay Farm are now offering a fantastic array of organic meat produce, including Old English Longhorn beef, Oxford Sandy & Black pork (the most succulent pork chops you’ll find), and Hebridean & Southdown lamb and hogget. We’re super excited to be listing their individual cuts and organic meat boxes when we launch later this year!

Why we love Hampton Gay Farm

  • Provenance - Hampton Gay Farm only raise native breeds of animals on their farm - these breeds have adapted to the local environment over centuries, meaning they can roam freely with less human intervention.
  • Organic - the farm is entirely pesticide, herbicide and artificial fertiliser free, with animals grazing on naturally occurring grasses, herbs & legumes - who knew cows love chicory?
  • Regenerative - by doing what’s best for the animals, the Hampton Gay team are also doing what’s best for nature. They encourage soil and plant biodiversity, helping to minimise the impact of farming on the environment.
  • Flavour - 100% pasture-fed + high animal welfare standards = a truly delicious cut of meat. Hampton Gay’s herds are raised much slower than industrialised farming, resulting in excellent marbling and flavour. 

Be sure to look out for the full range of Hampton Gay produce here at Farmfetch when we launch later this year!

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