Producer spotlight: Exmoor Caviar

Producer spotlight: Exmoor Caviar

We are incredibly excited to announce our latest partnership with Exmoor Caviar - established in 2012 in Exmoor National Park. Exmoor Caviar harnesses the natural purity of Devonshire water to create caviar with clean, delicate flavours. Sourced from sturgeon fish growing at a natural pace in mineral-rich waters. It has become a staple in over 100 Michelin-starred UK restaurants.

Ken Benning, CEO of Exmoor Caviar, is the first and only person in 700 years to be granted permission to “farm the Royal Fish within the Realm”. Since 1324, when King Edward II declared the sturgeon fish as Royal, any found within the realm were considered the Monarch's property. After gaining permission from HM The Queen in 2012, Exmoor Caviar became a reality. The Duke of Edinburgh was its first paying customer.

More than a culinary delight, Exmoor Caviar represents rare and exquisite founding principles rooted in natural and sustainable heritage. As a proud member of Walpole since 2017, the brand is recognised globally for epitomising British luxury and craftsmanship.

In essence, Exmoor Caviar is a blend of tradition, sustainability, and innovation. Sourced from Devon's pristine waters, it continues to captivate palates, delivering a taste of luxury in every exquisite pearl.

Enjoy with smoked salmon from Bute Smokehouse, a favourite of Queen Victoria, or for something a little different, pair with a chilled glass of Ewenique Vodka. The perfect way to impress on Valentine's Day!

Explore the full range of Exmoor Caviar here.

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