Producer spotlight: introducing Ewenique Spirits

Producer spotlight: introducing Ewenique Spirits

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Ewenique Vodka – the only Welsh vodka made with whey, a by-product of cheese making.

It all started when Bryn (founder of Ewenique) started making cheese and thought he must be able to find a way to make use of the leftover whey, or as Bryn calls it – the ‘liquid gold’. Bryn married this desire to make use of the whey with his experience and knowledge in the spirits sector and so, Ewenique Vodka was born!

Getting the taste perfected was a labour of love, Bryn mentioned it took 24 attempts to get the flavour spot-on but this was definitely time well-spent. Bryn was left with a clean and smooth vodka with outstanding drinking qualities, the vodka has a sweet start to the palate and refreshing and zingy finish.

Each and every bottle is made with care from the luscious fields of Wales. Ewe whey vodka is sustainable and ethical Welsh agriculture in a bottle. 

Why we love Ewenique Spirits

  • Sustainable - Bryn takes huge care in each step of the production process, from the way he rears his 80-strong herd of sheep to the fact that he uses no fertilisers across his farm. In fact, he carefully runs his lambs on their mothers for 35 days after they’re born (it’s usually 24-48hrs before they are separated). Bryn told us he likes to let lambs be lambs and mothers be mothers.
  • Process - Bryn uses the entire sheep from selling their wool, creating cheese from their milk (we hope to have some of this award winning cheese listed in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled) and of course, using the whey to create this amazing vodka.
  • Taste - The vodka tastes amazing – clean, smooth and makes a great espresso martini or white Russian.

Whether you’re looking for a wonderful and unique gift or a new whey (we couldn't resist, sorry) to spruce up your espresso martinis, then look no further. Keep your eyes peeled for this amazing vodka when we launch later this year! 

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