Producer spotlight: introducing DukesHill

Producer spotlight: introducing DukesHill

We’re delighted to be giving a right royal Farmfetch welcome to DukesHill, our latest partners who are famous for their artisan, traditionally cured hams and holders of a prestigious Royal Warrant since 2003!

DukesHill began producing their mouthwatering Wiltshire hams back in 1985, strictly adhering to traditional curing and smoking methods to create a showstopping table centrepiece for any special occasion - in fact, their hams have been a mainstay of the Royal Family’s Christmas celebrations for almost 25 years.

Since then, the range has expanded to include everything from traditionally made bacon, sausages & terrines, through to an exquisite range of slow cooked pork (the pork belly confit is a must try) and even handmade ciders.

Why we love DukesHill

  • Sustainability - DukesHill work directly with local farmers who are committed to sustainable, ethical farming - that means lower food miles, and higher welfare for animals.
  • Traditional - by making many of their most popular products by hand, DukesHill are keeping traditional, artisan curing and smoking methods alive - which pays off in quality and flavour.
  • Quality - DukesHill care much more about flavour and texture rather than speed of production or mass quantity - in fact, some of their hams take upwards of 6 months to cure. This means you’re guaranteed an end product that’s high quality and full of flavour.

Be sure to look out for a specially selected range of DukesHill produce here at Farmfetch when we launch later this year!

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