Producer spotlight: introducing Bath Soft Cheese Co

Producer spotlight: introducing Bath Soft Cheese Co

We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Bath Soft Cheese Co to the Farmfetch family, joining our ever growing roster of artisan British producers. The Padfield family have been practising their craft since 1914, with the fourth generation of cheesemakers now combining traditional methods with bold new flavours.

Offering seven unique cheeses inspired by Bath’s history and traditional flavour profiles, the Bath Soft Cheese Co have won multiple awards over the years, with one judge describing their Bath Blue as “poetry; like a river of cream over rocks, a perfectly balanced blue cheese with long, long lingering flavours." High praise indeed!

As well as their fantastic produce, we’re also excited to be offering tours of their cheesemaking rooms for the true cheese lovers out there, offering a unique experience to see the entire production process, followed by some well earned samples!

Why we love Bath Soft Cheese Co

  • Heritage - the Padfield family have been working the same 240 acres of Park Farm for nearly 120 years, reviving methods and recipes first written down as early as the 18th Century to produce a truly outstanding selection of cheeses
  • Sustainability - from solar panels to biomass boilers, and even plans to power tractors with cow manure, Bath Soft Cheese Co has the environment and sustainability at its heart
  • Flavour - most importantly, the cheese is fantastic. Whether it’s their creamy, mushroomy soft cheese, or the more bold and ripe Bath Blue, you’re in for a real treat!

We’ll be stocking the full range of Bath Soft Cheese Co cheeses, hampers & experiences when we launch later this year!

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