Véspero Blanco - Scottish Agave Spirit

Véspero Blanco - Scottish Agave Spirit

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A first for the Scottish spirit scene, courtesy of Dark Art Distillery. Their Véspero Blanco is a 100% agave spirit, drawing inspiration from Mexico's rich tequila distillation history. 

Véspero is produced in very small batches, and is double distilled using 100% Blue Weber Agave - this delivers a beautifully sweet grassy and toffee notes, with a delightfully peppery touch at the end. A real treat.es, finishing with a smooth and warming peppery touch. 40% ABV.

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Nestled right alongside the Galloway Forest Park, Britain's largest forest park and the first "Dark Sky Park" in Western Europe, the Dark Art Distillery is a standout example of Scottish gin and spirit production.

Founded by spirits enthusiast Andrew in 2021 at the site of a derelict primary school in Kirkcudbright, the distillery now produces a range of award-winning and unique spirits, including their ever-popular Sky Garden Gin, and the truly unique Véspero - Scotland's very first Agave spirit.

42% ABV

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