The Slow Vinegar Company Complete Collection

The Slow Vinegar Company Complete Collection

The Slow Vinegar Company Complete Collection

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Experience the complete collection of award-winning wine vinegars from The Slow Vinegar Company, each produced across the year using seasonal fruits, berries and blossoms. 

Impress the foodie in your life, or embark on your own culinary discovery with these incredible vinegars, each capable of elevating sweet & savour dishes, as well as a variety of drinks. You'll receive 12 bottles in total, each corresponding to a season:


  • Spring: Rhubarb, Wild Garlic, Elderflower
  • Summer: Strawberry & Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Tomato
  • Autumn: Elderberry, Apple & Blackberry, Beetroot
  • Winter: Ginger, Orange & Lemon, Sweet Winter Spice

Available as a 100ml or 200ml collection.


Founded by Sarah and Andrew as a way to combine their passions for food, design and art, The Slow Vinegar Company has revived age-old fermentation methods to produce an astounding range of artisanal vinegars.

Each of their vinegars is made in small batches, starting with natural roots, fruits, berries and blossoms that are painstakingly transformed through two fermentation processes - the first producing alcohol, and the second transforming the booze into wine vinegars. By taking the time to allow fermentation to occur naturally, The Slow Vinegar Company produce an end product that's complex and perfectly balanced between sweet and sour. It's a truly transformational range of ingredients.

Storage is best in cool, dark conditions.

Shelf life: As a preservative, vinegar doesn't need to display Use By or Best Before information. While unopened bottles will last and improve, open bottles will react to exposure to air. Over time flavours will fade, so our advice is to keep using the vinegars once they are opened.

Typical nutritional values:

- Energy (kJ/100ml (kcal/100ml)) - 78 (18)
- Fat (g/100ml) - <0.5
—of which saturates (g/100ml) - <0.5
- Carbohydrate (g/100ml) - <0.5
—of which sugars (g/100ml) - <0.5
- Protein (g/100ml) - <0.5
- Salt (g/100ml) - <0.01

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