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A super diverse and complete all-rounder of a honey from The Travelling Bee Company, their natural and unprocessed soft set honey is a great addition to your pantry. 

Produced from bees that have foraged on wild flowers across the North East (particularly the wilds of Northumberland and Tyne and Wear), the honey is set naturally, producing a beautifully fudge-like consistency that's excellent for spreading on toast or dolloping straight into porridge.

The Travelling Bee Company is a family business that specialises in producing ethical honeys (raw, natural and unprocessed) from their own hives across Scotland and the north of England.

With a passion for bees and educating people about their essential contribution to life on our planet, the team behind The Travelling Bee Company have taken special care to locate their hives in stunning locations in Northumberland and Argyll, rich in natural heathers and wildflowers that produce a spectacular honey. They also work with local producers across the country to source the finest honey for their products, supporting these micro-economies as they go.

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