Scottish Blossom Honey

Scottish Blossom Honey

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A smooth, sweet and incredibly versatile honey, produced by The Scottish Bee Company from bees that forage on nectar from wild flowers across Scotland. Good for both bees and the environment, every batch is unique depending on the bees' seasonal preference for clover, lime, and oil seed rape over the months and years.

Founded by Suzie & Iain Millar in 2017, The Scottish Bee Company is passionate about producing high-quality produce that reflects the bounty of local, sustainable resources across Scotland. Orignally founded with a mission to increase bee numbers in Scotland (they've personally increased bee numbers in the region by 27 million), they now produce a range of honey-based condiments, with a portion of every sale going to the charity Repollinate, which creates homes for a variety of pollinating species.

Pure honey, taken from the hive and gently warmed so it can be manually filtered (but never above the temperature of the hive and never pasteurised). Not mixed with anything else.

After filtering it is processed in an organic processing facility and jarred to perfection.

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