Exploring the best craft Scottish gins

Exploring the best craft Scottish gins

Scottish gin has earned a stellar reputation for its quality, variety, and craftsmanship. At Farmfetch, we offer a selection of the finest Scottish gins that embody the spirit of Scotland - whether you're a seasoned gin enthusiast or a curious newcomer, our guide to the best Scottish gins is sure to help you discover new favourites.

The Scottish Gin Renaissance

The gin renaissance in Scotland has seen a remarkable rise in the number of distilleries producing unique and artisanal gins. These gins often incorporate local botanicals, resulting in distinctive flavours that reflect the landscape and heritage of Scotland; here are some of the top choices available on Farmfetch:

1. Scottish Oyster Gin

Scottish Oyster Gin from the Isle of Bute Distillery is a unique creation that includes a dash of oyster essence, capturing the spirit of the Scottish coast. This gin offers a smooth, briny character with hints of citrus and sea salt, making it an intriguing choice for seafood pairings and innovative cocktails. It’s a must-try for those looking to explore new flavour territories.

2. UnderStory Gin

UnderStory Gin from Dark Art Distillery is crafted with a blend of botanicals inspired by the Scottish woodlands. With ingredients like heather, Scots pine, and rowan berries, this gin delivers a complex profile with earthy, floral, and slightly sweet notes. It’s perfect for a classic gin and tonic or as the base for a creative cocktail that highlights its rich, botanical flavours.

3. FIDRA Gin

FIDRA Gin, named after the small uninhabited island off the coast of East Lothian, uses a selection of hand-foraged botanicals from the local area, including sea buckthorn, rosehip, and lemon thyme. This gin offers a crisp and refreshing taste with a distinct coastal influence. Its balanced profile makes it ideal for sipping neat or enjoying in a variety of gin-based drinks.

4. Rock Rose Gin

Rock Rose Gin, produced by Dunnet Bay Distillers in the far north of Scotland, uses a blend of local and traditional botanicals, including rowan berries, sea buckthorn, and rhodiola rosea (also known as rose root). The result is a beautifully balanced gin with a distinctive, slightly floral character. It's perfect for sipping neat or enjoying in a variety of cocktails.

5. Biggar Gin Old Tom

Biggar Gin Old Tom is a modern take on the classic Old Tom style, which is slightly sweeter than London Dry gin. Produced by Biggar Gin, this version incorporates botanicals like lavender, coriander, and orange peel, resulting in a smooth, slightly sweet gin with a rich botanical profile. It’s perfect for a traditional Tom Collins or a gin-forward cocktail that benefits from its sweeter, more complex character.

Enjoying Your Scottish Gin

To fully appreciate the complex flavours of Scottish gin, consider pairing them with quality tonic water and garnishes that complement their unique botanicals. Classic pairings like a slice of lemon or lime, or more adventurous options like fresh herbs and exotic fruits, can enhance your gin experience.

Scottish gin offers a rich tapestry of flavours, each bottle telling a story of its heritage and the landscape from which it originates. At Farmfetch, we are proud to present a curated selection of the best Scottish gins, ensuring you have access to these exceptional spirits. Whether you're exploring new gins or looking for the perfect gift, our collection is sure to impress.

Visit Farmfetch's Gin Selection to explore these and other premium Scottish gins, and elevate your gin experience today. Cheers!

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