Scottish Lumpwood Charcoal

Scottish Lumpwood Charcoal

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Astonishingly, the UK imports over 98,000 tonnes of charcoal per year - 25% of which comes from countries at high risk of deforestation. Green Aspirations Scotland are trying to change that with their locally made, sustainably sourced lumpwood charcoal, making it a fantastic for your barbecue or smoker. 

Using wood sourced directly from sustainable hazel coppice woodland or local Scottish tree surgeons, the charcoal is made by hand using an energy-efficient kiln, before being sifted to remove any dust or small rocks. The end result is large whole lumps that light quickly and burn cleanly. You'll receive 2 x 3kg bags, enough for around 5 - 6 cooks. 

Green Aspirations Scotland is a social enterprise, with the primary aim of helping people to reconnect with the Scottish woodlands; their fantastic lumpwood charcoal is one of their main income generating activities to support that noble cause. Made using sustainable local wood and traditional lumpwood charcoal production methods, they're aiming to vastly reduce the 98,000 tonnes of charcoal that we import into the UK every year - almost a quarter of which comes from countries at high risk of deforestation.

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