IMPOSSIBREW Enhanced Lager (0.5%)

IMPOSSIBREW Enhanced Lager (0.5%)

440ml Cans
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A truly revolutionary beer from London-based IMPOSSIBREW, their Enhanced Lager is dry-hopped and conditioned for maximum flavour, but without the alcohol. Despite coming it at 0.5% ABV, IMPOSSIBREW have managed to replicate the relaxing social buzz often provided by one or two beers with their Social Blend - a mix of nootropic herbs including L-Theanine, organic Ashwagandha and Vitamin B1. If you're looking to cut down the alcohol but maintain the buzz, this is a must try. 

IMPOSSIBREW have done the impossible - recreated all the good things about alcohol, and removed all of the bad. Using their revolutionary Social Blend™ of nootropics (including L-Theanine and other active plants), their incredible alcohol-free beers replicate a relaxing drinking experience, with none of the negative effects. As they say, "this means you can do the crime, but skip the time". A must try!

- Natural Spring Water
- Premium Craft Malts
- Single-Use Yeast
- Double Dry Hopped
- IMPOSSIBREW's Nootropic Social Blend™, which includes L-Theanine, Ashwagandha and Vitamin B1

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