Producer spotlight: introducing Bute Coffee

Producer spotlight: introducing Bute Coffee

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Isle of Bute Coffee, a dynamic collaboration between two inspiring female founders, Mhairi Mackenzie of Bonnie Bling and Lisa Lawson of Dear Green Coffee Roasters.

Isle of Bute Coffee is on a mission to bring a new coffee experience to Bute, blending local heritage with global coffee expertise. Whether you're a seasoned coffee enthusiast or just starting out, Farmfetch and Isle of Bute Coffee invite you to join us on a journey of flavour exploration.

Mhairi, a Bute native, and Lisa, born and raised on the island, are passionate about enhancing Bute's local food and drink scene. Lisa's expertise ensures every cup meets the highest standards. "We're in good hands with Lisa guiding us through the best of the coffee world," says Mhairi.

This incredible coffee is the first ever specialty coffee from the Isle of Bute. Ethically sourced from organic growers in Brazil and Colombia, the beans are then expertly roasted along the River Clyde in Glasgow. You’ll find whole roasted beans, ground coffee and even coffee specifically for your Aeropress. Expect tasting notes of milk chocolate, vanilla & almond - paired perfectly with our fabulous Cornish Breakfast Pack from Primrose Herd.

Why we love Isle of Bute Coffee

  • Local heritage, global expertise: Isle of Bute Coffee seamlessly blends local heritage with global coffee expertise, creating a unique and authentic coffee experience rooted in the island's rich culture.
  • Quality assurance: partnering with Lisa Lawson from Dear Green Coffee Roasters ensures that every cup of Isle of Bute Coffee meets the highest standards. Dear Green's commitment to roasting delicious, fresh, and ethically sourced coffee beans adds a touch of excellence to the Isle of Bute Coffee experience.

You can find their wonderful coffee in the Tea & Coffee section on the website!

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