Sea Salt Crystals & Seaweed Flakes - 25g

Sea Salt Crystals & Seaweed Flakes - 25g

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Isle of Skye Sea Salt harvest their award-winning products from the north coast of the Isle of Skye, using only the sea, the sun and the wind. 

Their Sea Salt Crystal & Seaweed Flakes is a blend of the best that Skye’s seas have to offer: their iconic Sea Salt, combined with Skye-grown seaweed. The seaweed adds a stunning umami taste, and makes for a unique addition to cooked fish or vegetables. This dinky aluminium tin has been designed to travel with you on your adventures.

Isle of Skye Sea Salt Company was founded in 2011, and became the first producer of sea salt on the island since the 1700s. Founder Chris used his background in sustainable design to build a unique solar evaporation process, which uses just the sun and wind the evaporate sea water and produce their coveted salt. Their salt is harvested from Lock Snizort - a mineral rich loch that delivers a distinctly "sweet" flavour to the salt - making it the go-to seasoning for professional chefs and seasoned foodies alike.

Pure Scottish Sea Salt + Seaweed

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