Producer spotlight: SILCO

Producer spotlight: SILCO

We're excited to introduce SILCO Drinks, a brand that perfectly captures the essence of St Ives, Cornwall. Created by three brothers, SILCO aims to join regional classics like Yarg cheese and Fal Oysters. Their vision extends beyond beverages, featuring a harbour-side bar and kitchen to enhance the SILCO experience.

SILCO Drinks pays homage to St Ives, infusing their products with the unique energy of their hometown. St Ives is a place of vibrant summers and cold winters, peaceful walks and all-night parties, calm harbours, and wild Atlantic waves. This duality is reflected in every bottle of SILCO St Ives Gin.

Committed to sustainability, SILCO uses glass bottles that use 30% less glass per 100ml than standard UK spirits bottles. The tamper seals are compostable, made from natural cellulose fibres, and all packaging for online orders is paper-based. SILCO is proud to be plastic-free.

Their range includes the SILCO St Ives Berry Gin, a fruity gin perfect for refreshing drinks, and the SILCO St Ives Orange Gin, which offers a zesty twist on the traditional gin profile. The Skidden Hill Old Fashioned Cocktail blends tradition with innovation, named after a notable area in St Ives.

The full range is now available on Farmfetch! SILCO Drinks bring the spirit of St Ives to a wider audience. Whether enjoying the SILCO St Ives Berry Gin or the Skidden Hill Old Fashioned Cocktail, each sip offers a taste of Cornwall’s vibrant coastal life.

Explore the SILCO range on Farmfetch and experience the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

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