Producer spotlight: introducing Twigs & Dough

Producer spotlight: introducing Twigs & Dough

The latest brilliant addition to our community of artisan producers is Herefordshire-based Twigs & Dough. Daniele (Twigs & Dough owner) has combined his Italian heritage with incredible British produce, exclusively Shipton Mill flour and Cacklebean eggs, to create beautiful, handmade pasta.

We’ll be listing all of Twigs & Dough’s fabulous pasta when we launch in November, with delicious finds including striped spinach pappardelle, burrata and nduja cappellacci, and striped squid ink pappardelle, to name just a few. Daniele tells us:

“All of my insights into making artisan pasta were given to me by my mamma. From a very young age I was at the kitchen table helping her to create dishes with flour, eggs and other natural ingredients. Seeing everyone enjoy her work of pure love is unforgettable. My wife and I have continued our love of homemade food and family tradition and there is nothing we like more than sitting around a table with our children, family and friends, sharing fun, laughter and stories over a meal made with love”.

Every pack of pasta is handmade everyday, without the use of industrial machinery. Twigs & Dough combine tradition with contemporary flair to create a fine product of superior quality with inimitable texture and flavour.

Why we love Twigs & Dough

  • Skill – The attention to detail Daniele and his wife put into every pack of pasta shows off their undeniable skill and love for pasta making. A true labour of love and passion!
  • Tradition – Whilst their pastas have a modern and contemporary twist, they speak to the many years of learning passed down through their family.
  • Taste – Every pack of pasta has its own unique taste – and don’t get us started on their filled pastas, they are truly incredible!
  • Quality – The use of Shipton Mill flour and Cacklebean eggs shows in the quality of the end product. A truly British pasta made using age-old Italian methods.

Keep an eye out for Twigs & Dough’s incredible products when we launch in November!

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