Producer spotlight: introducing Brock & Morten

Producer spotlight: introducing Brock & Morten

The latest exciting addition to our community of artisan British food producers is Brock & Morten, an independent family-run business hailing from the Peak District. Since 2013, founders Kate, Ben and Lottie (along with their dog Pip!) have been working hard to create a range of versatile products – based on their signature cold-pressed rapeseed oil – in a host of delicious flavours.

The Brocklehurst family (from which the brand takes its name) boasts a farming history dating back well over 150 years. Today, their farm spans about 700 acres in and around the picturesque village of Ashford-in-the-Water, and grows crops of wheat, barley and oil seed rape.

Brock & Morten’s delicious mayonnaise, dips and dressings have won multiple culinary awards for their depth of flavour. At Farmfetch HQ we’re particular fans of their unique Raspberry Vinegar, which won a 2021 Great Taste Award for its “enjoyable balance of true fruit flavours and acetic notes, which leaves a wonderful lingering fruity note on the palate”.

Why we love Brock & Morten

  • Sustainable - as a small, family-run business, Brock & Morten take huge care in each step of the production process, from growing and processing to bottling and packaging design.

    Their products are sustainable and traceable, from seed to bottle, with the lowest possible food mileage.
  • Cold-pressed - because Brock & Morten’s oils are cold-pressed (and only pressed once), they retain their natural rich, golden colour and nutrients. No chemicals or heat treatment – just a pure, undiluted oil of the highest quality.
  • Flavour - whether you’re looking to add extra zing to a salad, or some kick to a pasta arrabiata, Brock & Morten have got you covered.

    Their range of oils includes some inspired infusions, from garlic and chilli, to basil and Thai spices. Fantastic enhancers for so many dishes. 

We’ll be stocking the full range of Brock & Morten oils, dressings and mayonnaise when we launch later this year!

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