Producer spotlight: introducing Blackthorn Salt

Producer spotlight: introducing Blackthorn Salt

We're thrilled to announce Blackthorn Salt as the latest addition to the Farmfetch community. Their skilful salters, based in Ayrshire, produce the most amazing salt in the most traditional way, using a method that traces its roots all the way back to the 6th century.

Every crystal comes from pure Scottish West Coast seawater, gathered locally and evaporated on the only working thorn tower in the world. The concentrated liquid is further reduced in the Pan House, where their salters use their skills and patience to draw off beautiful mineral rich sea salt crystals. The result is an organically approved, sustainable and natural salt which tastes of the sea, but also has a deeper mellow sweetness that elevates flavours on the plate.

You know it’s good when James Martin says:

"I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s probably one of the most amazing things in terms of food I’ve seen in this country"

Why we love Blackthorn

  • Provenance - every flake of salt is produced by using the incredible natural forces around the West Coast of Scotland.
  • Tradition - Blackthorn's unique method of harnessing the wind and sea – as well as a remarkable natural thorn graduation tower – is a nod to centuries-old salt-making techniques.
  • Quality - Blackthorn Salt is higher in natural minerals, in comparison to other sea salts, due to its natural and environmentally sensitive production method.
  • Sustainability - because of the natural processes involved, Blackthorn Salt has a low carbon footprint, requiring less energy to evaporate the water compared to other northern European salt making methods. Take it from The Hairy Bikers:
“It’s just ingenious… I love it… it’s completely natural, low carbon footprint… just nature doing what it naturally does

Be sure to look out for Blackthorn’s amazing salt when we launch later this year!

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